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Reduced Costs

By automating content capture, OnBase AnyDoc helps reduce labor costs associated with shipping documents across the country and manually keying data into your systems when those documents arrive. Then, with paper and data captured in a single electronic location, your organization eliminates the cost of storing all that information, whether in filing cabinets that take up space or rented property across town.

OnBase AnyDoc also automates data validation, communicating with your other databases to check the information entering your organization is correct as it comes in, reducing costly mistakes downstream. For example, as accounting departments receive invoices, OnBase AnyDoc automatically matches the information it pulls against existing purchase order information in your accounting or ERP system. With accurate information immediately in hand, staff is assured that the payments are

Accelerated Critical Processes

With fewer touch points as documents make their way downstream, the information that fuels your business gets into your employees’ hands faster. OnBase AnyDoc automatically pushes updated, accurate information into your back-end systems, leveraging the investment you already made in those systems and ensuring employees have the information they need whenever and wherever they need it. Immediate, accurate information not only reduces the time spent searching for content, but also the time spent reviewing and correcting it, accelerating business.

Optimized Workforce to Improve Service

With previously manual efforts automated, you can relocate staff assigned to those jobs across the organization or to higher-value projects within the department. Also, with centralized content and instantly updated business systems, staff can access the information they need faster, allowing them to better assist those you serve.


OnBase AnyDoc processes scanned documents, emails, and electronic files- ensuring that no matter where your business processes begin, they all receive the benefits of OnBase AnyDoc.


After capturing a document, OnBase AnyDoc automatically identifies the document type without the need for human intervention.


Whether hand-printed or machine-printed, OnBase AnyDoc pulls all the relevant information right off the page of any document.


Interacting with your databases, OnBase AnyDoc compares the captured data with values currently in your system to ensure accuracy.


OnBase AnyDoc consolidates captured information and documents, as well as associated information it finds in other databases, and sends them to whatever system you currently use to store content.


OnBase AnyDoc delivers increased speed and efficiency to AP departments by minimizing manual data entry. It automatically captures and processes the data you need from invoices, such as vendor ID numbers, invoice dates, purchase order numbers, line-item descriptions and charges, payment terms, shipping charges, taxes and more.

Once information is captured, validated and verified, data and images are ready for automatic transfer—on your schedule. Output is directed to your financial database, ECM, ERP, document management and/or workflow systems. OnBase AnyDoc successfully integrates with nearly any back-end system, including SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards. Even better, data can flow to multiple destinations without increasing anyone’s workload.

With accurate invoice information delivered faster, your organization starts the approvals process sooner, providing substantial competitive advantages in reduced labor costs, higher productivity, improved vendor relations and capitalization on negotiated payment terms.

For years, organizations have sought to rein in the high cost of remittance processing. Routing payments from the mailroom to your accounts receivable (AR) system is an expensive venture. And it’s even more costly if you manually key in data off your payments and remittances.

That all changes with OnBase AnyDoc. OnBase AnyDoc automatically pulls information directly off of remittances, verifies that information and then sends it to almost any accounting or ERP system, ensuring the information your staff interact with is accurate and up-to-date. Immediate access to accurate information leads to accelerated cash flow and improved decision making and ensures your company stays compliant and competitive.

Manually entering and validating data, managing denial codes and balancing each claim to explanation of benefits (EOB) and check totals drain productivity and increase costs. Not only does manually entering data into your systems take time but locating that data on the EOB in the first place can be difficult and time-consuming.

OnBase AnyDoc works with a scanned EOB image to automatically capture all the patient claim data you need. Staff can then focus on higher-value tasks, such as resolving discrepancies quicker for faster payment processing – all while you retain full control of your data and documents from envelope to archive.
OnBase AnyDoc automatically processes any EOB you receive, extracting and processing data, including line-item details like procedural charges and diagnostic codes. This allows staffers to focus on their core duties instead of manual keying, boosting productivity and lowering labor costs. OnBase AnyDoc then balances procedural charges, individual patient claim totals and EOB totals to the accompanying check – which are then further verified against corresponding claims data from your systems.

Not only can OnBase AnyDoc talk to your systems to verify data – it can also send the verified information and accompanying document images into almost any patient accounting or information management system you use. This ensures your staff have quick access to accurate data.

With OnBase AnyDoc, you reduce your processing costs by up to 60% per claim. Not only do you cut labor costs by eliminating manual processes, but also by reducing errors so more claims can be processed quicker – without adding staff, even as volume grows.

With OnBase AnyDoc, as documents are received, document sets and multi-page attachments are identified. Our leading image enhancement capabilities boost recognition to increase accurate document processing. This includes reconstructing blurred or partially printed characters and de-skewing and de-specking an image.

Once those images are optimized for processing, OnBase AnyDoc captures the data off of these documents and information like total charges, amount paid and balances due are cross-checked. All of this information is verified either automatically or by a staff member – according to your business practices.

OnBase AnyDoc propels claims from envelope to archive far faster than manual processing—supporting the latest health-care standards and with the care and precision required for sensitive healthcare data.

An automated mortgage loan processing solution frees you from manual processing headaches and costs, allowing you to increase your operational efficiency, lower your turnaround time and improve the accuracy of data entering your system. This means you can process more qualified loans each day – and at a lower cost per loan – giving you the advantage needed to stay ahead of your competition.

With OnBase AnyDoc, you can improve operational efficiency and get critical loan information into your mortgage processing system quickly by:

• Minimizing manual entry of critical loan information
• Capturing loan information faster without searching through files
• Increasing accuracy of data entering your loan system
• Complying with emerging standards for electronic documents
• Minimizing manual sorting of paper or electronic documents into loan files

OnBase AnyDoc is flexible enough to fit almost any data capture needs.

OnBase AnyDoc solutions are repeatedly implemented in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Financial Services, Healthcare and Insurance. But the same data capture functionality and benefits have been applied in other solutions, including those listed below.

•Higher Education

The student transcript is one of the most complex pieces of documentation institutions receive. Whether students send in transcripts from a single institution or several, you must carefully identify the data to pull from each.

Since each transcript is different, just like every student is different, OnBase AnyDoc can be tailored to fit each transcript you receive, automatically and accurately pulling all the relevant information you’re after. The solution then automatically updates your student information system, whether that’s PeopleSoft, Banner, Colleague or a home-grown solution, so the staff involved in evaluating transcripts have immediate access to the information they need.

• Government

Governments at every level process thousands of forms each day and for a diverse set of programs. In a paper-based world, these documents are received and data is manually entered, one form at a time. Manually retrieving data from paper forms causes backlogs in program response and can delay benefits or responses to constituents.

OnBase AnyDoc changes this by automatically pulling critical information from documents, ensuring quick processing and eliminating manual data entry and the risk of losing documents. As those forms are scanned, OnBase AnyDoc immediately updates any case management or data systems.

OnBase AnyDoc also improves document processing across government, including new business applications, employment and sales tax reporting, human services programs and reimbursements. Faster data updates translate into faster government decision-making – vital to human services and agencies with mandated deadlines or required response times.