Revolutionizing Voice Recording


Simple, Practical & Cost Effective

• Web based browser Interface
• No seat license fees or add-on costs
• Up to 168 Analog and 168 Digital channels
• Virtually unlimited VoIP Channels
• Concurrent or Fixed VoIP Channel Option
• Combine Analog, Digital, and VoIP in Same Chassis
• Screen Recording (server or client)
• Multi-tiered Access Protection
• Range of Assignable Rights by Individuals or Groups
• Assignable Search, Save and Monitor Restrictions
• Computer Login Allows for “Free Seating”
• Standard Search by channel, date, and time
• Advanced Search by ANI/ALI, Caller ID, Dialed Number or Call Tagging
• Call Commenting Search and Notation for Reference
• Recall Last Recording in Less than 2 Seconds
• Multi-Channel Simultaneous Playback & Graphic Display
• Optional “talking clock” Announcements
• Use Revcord’s Media Player with Encrypted Recordings

• Save in .WAV, .WMA, or Encrypted Format
• Auto Burn Multiple Recording in .WAV/.WMA to CD
• Email in .WAV, .MNA, or Encrypted Format
• Proprietary Recording Format & 128 bit AES Encryption up to 300,000 Hours of online archiving with 1 TB Hard drive
• Backup options include DVD-RAM, USB HD, or NAS
• Dual DVD-RAM Drive option

• Option to email last recording to predetermined  recipient
• Live Monitoring by Multiple Users Simultaneously
• Screen Recording
• Evaluation & Grading Software
• Statistical Analysis and Reporting in Excel or Graph Format
• Remote System Monitoring & Warning Notification by Email.

• Multimedia Recording
• QA Evaluation
• Multimedia Incident Recreation
• Backup Manager
• Comprehensive Reports
• Screen Recording
• Mobile Call Recording
• Instant Recall

Input Formats

Audio Recording

Video Recording

Text Message Submissions

Social Network Commenting

Email Submissions

Internal Screen Recording

Take a featured tour below:

Multimedia Incident Re-creation

Revcord provides true Multimedia Incident Recreations and we call them “Playlists”. “Playlist” can be defined as an index of computer files that can be played sequentially. However, the Revcord meaning extends that definition to all calls of any media (voice, video, text) relating to an incident that can be replayed as if in real time as they occurred. Even more, additional data from third party sources can be added to a playlist as might be relevant. We should have called it “Super Playlist”! This interface also provides two different views for Playlists. Now the user can listen or view their selected Playlist using by toggling between timeline and list views.

Screen Recording

Screen recording can be done for up to four screens per workstation and can be viewed separately or in combination with an incident recreation Playlist. Screen Recording provides two types of configurations. One setting is for “Full Time Recording” (or stealth recording). The alternative is “On Demand Recording” where the call taker or agent can start screen recording when desired. In either case the Screen Recording is a “What You See Is What You Get”. If you have multiple monitors going into one workstation all screens will be recorded subject to resolution restrictions based on the recording server and the workstation client.

QA Evaluation & Scoring

Revcord provides a fair and easy to use Quality Assurance program without any additional cost. That’s right, full featured QA Evaluation is included in the base price of every Revcord voice and multimedia logger. Quality assurance for call handling will help you identify best methods and also to correct any discrepancies. It also provides a great training tool for improving speed and accuracy.Choosing, creating or editing score sheets is quick and easy and the Revcord QA Evaluation system is very easy to learn and use right away.

Comprehensive Reports Package

A complete high end reports application is included with every Revcord logging recorder. This rich text and graphics tool produces Excel spreadsheets, bar charts, stacked bar charts and even pie charts, driven by SQL Server, that can be modified, sorted, manipulated and even emailed directly from the screen or used by Crystal Reports. There are two separate reports applications: one for general reporting functions and another reports application for QA Evaluation reports and all the complexities so as to provide truly useful information call handlers, supervisors and all of management.