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Audiolog Trunked Radio Recording Solutions

For Motorola® ASTRO® R7.x P25 Infrastructure

Verint® Audiolog is a trunked radio recording solution designed
to interoperate with the Motorola ASTRO R7.x P25 trunked radio infrastructure, providing users worldwide with efficient, reliable recording, storage, management, and playback of radio transmissions.

• Provides state-of-the-art IP recording.
• Records talkgroup, telephone interconnects, half-duplex, and full-duplex private calls.
• Searches for calls by talkgroup, radio ID, primary alias, call type, date, and time.
• Provides multi-channel event reconstruction and playback with talk date/time.
• Makes over 100,000 hours of recordings available online.
• Includes Audiolog SmartScanner for live monitoring of multiple talkgroups.
• Archives voice transmissions and associated data to the same removable media or NAS.

Audiolog Insight Center "IC" NG9-1-1 Multi-media Replay

Insight Center provides a powerful, browser-based, set of tools to search for and play the recordings stored on your Audiolog recorders from your desktop PC.Insight Center allows you to playback multiple sequenced and/or simultaneous recordings, regardless of which channel they were recorded on. This allows you to reconstruct an incident by listening to a series of recordings in their entirety, even if the recordings overlap.
Selected recordings can then be saved to an incident folder.

Record and Monitor Traditional, VoIP, and Multimedia Interactions

Insight Center is designed to replay these Multimedia Interactions along with Multi-Channel mixing capabilities to allow effective Incident Reconstruction in the emergence of NG9-1-1 Technology, including replay capabilities for: Audio, Video, PC Screen Capture, Still Photos and Text messaging.

Radio Transmission Recording

Audiolog uses an IP interface to connect to the Motorola Archiving Interface Server (AIS) to request RTP streams for all radio communications. Recorded transmissions are stored as individual files for quick online playback.

Call Catalog Database

Audiolog collects data from the Motorola Air Traffic Information Access (ATIA) interface for each recorded radio transmission. The entity data (which includes talkgroup ID, talkgroup name, call type, radio ID, and primary alias) is cataloged and stored in a high-performance SQL® call database on the Audiolog system for easy search and playback.

Call Archiving

Recordings and the entity data associated with each radio transmission can be automatically archived to an Audiolog Central Archive Server (CAS) for removable DVD-RAM archiving. Recordings may be uploaded to network-attached storage (NAS) resources for extended online storage.

Live Monitoring

Audiolog SmartScanner client software permits high-performance live monitoring of multiple talkgroups from supervisors’ PCs.

Flexible Search & Retrieval

Calls can be sorted and presented for playback by talkgroup, date and time, and other parameters.

Event Playback

Audiolog Multi-channel Player client software enables accurate replay of complex, multiple-call events. Multi-channel Player provides silence reconstruction capability, talk date and time, and a convenient “save as” feature for exporting a multiple call sequence to a single, portable audio file.

System Management

Audiolog Management Console software provides at-a-glance remote management, including configuration, status of online and archive storage, and talking alarms. Transmission of system status alarms via email is also available.

Telephony Recording

The Audiolog Trunked Radio Server is fully compatible with other Audiolog recording servers that provide telephony and screen recording at public safety facilities, dispatch centers, security agencies, and contact centers.