Accounting & Finance

OnBase Accounts Payable Solutions manage documents that drive AP processes and maximize the benefits achieved by fast, efficient and precise invoice processing. Regardless of how documents are received (fax, mail, e-mail, EDI, etc.), the solution captures, organizes and delivers them — along with supporting content — to the appropriate individuals for review, coding and approval.

Continuum’s Accounts Payable Solutions enable organizations to take control of invoice processing while adding value to their existing business applications. And, because our solutions are both affordable and easy to configure, it’s a financially sustainable solution with an ROI that can be realized almost immediately.

Accounts Payable is where Continuum has been most successful. We have documented success and mature integrations. Together we can reduce your manual work, get you control of your systems, and increase your visibility into the approval process. Let us show you how our technology makes your average performer better.

• Retrieve invoices, goods receipts, check images, vendor contracts & historical correspondence directly from familiar ERP applications.
• Retrieve & approve invoices & input additional data directly from Microsoft Outlook or mobile devices such as mobile phones & tablets.
• Automate business processes including routing to appropriate business units, three-way matching & automatic posting to accounting applications.

Improve visibility into cash flow and reduce DSO:
Finding and routing paper documents takes too much time. Even harder is trying to see what’s come in, what’s waiting to come in, and what’s running behind. Without this vital information, organizations can’t make smart financial decisions. With our solutions, AR can see exactly what’s coming in and going out in real-time, making cash flow management more exact – not best guesses based on historical data.

Handle influxes of transactions without adding staff:
Not only does AR need more transparency into processes, it also needs to be able to handle the sheer volume of transactions running through it. One thing that makes this difficult is that the documents surrounding a transaction are often separate from the data. Even if a great ERP or accounting system is helping with accounts receivable management, it can’t handle data and documents together.

Conduct an audit without touching a file cabinet:
Finding a set of documents for an auditor can take an organization days. Not so when all your documents are in stored in an ECM solution. Pulling up the needed documents just takes a matter of minutes. Or, for a more advanced approach, you can provide auditors with restricted access just to appropriate documents, and let them find the documents themselves.

• Optimize forecasting and strategic planning with real-time reporting to make sure DSO matches payment terms
• Instantly obtain account statuses including all documentation and history notes
• Access supporting documentation directly from your ERP, allowing you to quickly resolve disputes while supporting customer relationships

OnBase Accelerated Financial Reporting Management (AFRM) solution:
Period-end accounting close and financial reporting always takes teamwork to analyze data, make required adjustments, review all changes and create reports. Even with a strong ERP and reporting software in place, most companies turn to multiple spreadsheet-based checklists to help manage the most manual portions of this monthly process. Often, companies have different monthly, quarterly and year-end processes, which only adds to management complexity.

That all changes with the OnBase Accelerated Financial Reporting Management (AFRM) solution. By focusing on the closing process’s human side, the AFRM solution helps you streamline your process from start to finish and gives you a birds’ eye view of how all tasks fit together, allowing you to make continuous improvements every month.

And since AFRM is a hosted solution, it’s very simple to deploy. Implementation is fast, easy to configure (without custom code), and done in an iterative manner that eliminates typical implementation struggles. In fact, it can be up and running within one close cycle.

Track every task, automatically assign responsibilities:
The AFRM solution starts with increased collaboration between employees. Based on your set of rules, AFRM prioritizes and assigns each staffer a set of tasks. This workflow process then delivers real-time visibility into your close, which allows you to make adjustments and increase efficiency over time. That means no more manual entry and tracking of tasks through a spreadsheet or by email.

Plus, AFRM makes it easy for your employees to move through the process. Each month, quarter or annual reporting cycle – you decide – employees are assigned activities, along with all the files and templates necessary to complete those tasks. No last minute searching for information. It’s all right there and ready to go. This saves hours of waiting, searching, and double-checking before employees can complete tasks.

Better still, when tasks are completed, supporting files are securely stored in OnBase.

Process transparency also means better management of employee responsibilities. By giving your accounting managers insight into the whole process, they can quickly and effectively manage unfinished tasks and load balance work with employees. With a balanced workload comes lower stress. And lower stress increases employee efficiency and morale, as well as improves quality of work.

The Payoff:
• Reduction of errors and post close adjustments
• Continuous improvement through an adaptable framework
• Management dashboard provides visibility and control at every point during the close process
• Real-time management and load balancing of activities
• Online process documentation and validation for training, auditing, and SOX compliance

Speed up the purchasing process with OnBase for purchase requisitions

The OnBase Purchase Requisition solution streamlines the purchasing process. OnBase can route purchasing information to managers and your procurement team for approval, changes or denial, and even include charge code entry capabilities. Since OnBase integrates with ERP systems  – including SAP®, Lawson®, PeopleSoft®, Oracle, JD Edwards and Dynamics – all purchasing data can be automatically entered for the creation of purchase orders. In addition, the OnBase Purchase Requisition solution allows you to store electronic copies of all documents so they can be accessed at any time directly from your company’s ERP.
By providing your staff with instant access to the information they need – including price quotations, invoices, proposals and more – without leaving their familiar application, processing and problem solving is sped up considerably. Purchasing is quicker, easier and more accurate. Overall, the preparation put into an accurate purchasing cycle will result in fewer problems and a more manageable invoice processing cycle.

Link documents and vendor profiles for streamlined vendor management:
OnBase Vendor Management solutions streamline the process of creating and updating your Accounts Payable vendor records. More importantly, it can manage all of the documents associated with that vendor, creating a single, centralized view of all vendor information.

With OnBase, vendors can submit their own onboarding information into an online electronic form. Once submitted, OnBase kicks off an automatic workflow that routes the form to needed employees for review and approval. Once approved, this information can then be posted directly to your vendor master file in your ERP. Throughout the process, OnBase also manages checklists for required documents and sends automated emails to vendors missing information, such as a W-9 form. By allowing you to manage both the data and documents together as a single electronic transaction, OnBase can dramatically improve the visibility and control you have over the vendor management process.