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One ECM Product, Many Solutions


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OnBase by Hyland is one of the most flexible and comprehensive ECM products on the market today. OnBase empowers users to grow their solutions as needs change and business evolves. It is tailored for departments, but comprehensive for the enterprise, designed to give you what you need today and evolve with you over time.

OnBase is a fully integrated enterprise content management (ECM) software suite used by more than 12,000 customers in 69 countries to capture, route, manage, share and archive volumes of corporate information critical to business operations, audits and customer service. Eliminating low-value manual tasks through core OnBase functionality such as document imaging, workflow and COLD/ERM and making all content instantly available from a single, easy-to-use interface increases employee productivity and operational efficiency. OnBase complements its ECM functionality with expertise in specific industry solutions and back office operations.

-Lower operating costs resulting from reducing overhead needed to support physical documents and reducing the labor required to complete critical business processes

-Greater collaboration fostered by simultaneous, secure, real-time access to content regardless of users' locations

-Reduced cycle times when the delays and inefficiencies of manual processes are eliminated, resulting in competitive advantage when securing new business, collecting early pay vendor discounts and lowering the per-unit costs of providing superior products and services

-Improved customer service by empowering customer service representatives to resolve issues on the first call with the most accurate and timely data or cost effectively provide customer self-service with secure Web-based access to important documents

-Better support for governance, risk and compliance initiatives by enabling secure access to content, standardized business practices and retention of content based on internal policies, quality assurance standards or regulations

OnBase centralizes your important business content in one secure location. OnBase drives this content through your processes at the speed of light, working in conjunction with your other applications, and then delivers your relevant information to you when you need it, wherever you are. Once your information is under control, your legal retention requirements are implemented automatically, giving you total visibility into the status of your processes, documents and information.


OnBase captures entire paper images and electronic files, as well as specific data off documents, so you can control your content in one secure place.


OnBase easily incorporates digitized content into the way you work - empowering you to model and automate processes, work more efficiently, and create and distribute documents.


With OnBase, access your documents and control processes from the office, at home or on the go, using the tools and interfaces that fit your style of work.


Save time and reduce risk of error by integrating OnBase with ANY application, using system adaptors and packaged APIs, or tools that require no custom code to implement.


OnBase enables you to make smarter decisions and drive growth by easily providing reports and a real-time view of your organization's business data.


OnBase secures your content and controls your records to ensure your information is prepared for audits and safe from disaster.