Transcription Outsourcing

Service At Your Fingertips

At Continuum Services, we can take over the complete responsibility of transcribing your facility's medical records, or we can supplement your staff and handle overflow transcription. We offer a variety of services to all of our clients.

Continuum Services, headquartered in Syracuse, New York, is a rapidly-growing national company specializing in the outsourcing of medical transcription services. We provide the timely production of accurate medical reports, which are essential for optimal patient care, and necessary for health care providers to receive reimbursement.

Continuum Services is dedicated to transcribing your exact words, on time, for less money. We are a leading source across the Eastern and Midwestern states for reliable and cost-effective transcription services as an overflow or turnkey solution. Continuum offers stable, flexible employment options to skilled medical transcriptionists who are dedicated to our mission of delivering qualified, professional support in one of health care's most critical departments: Health Information Management.

National Resources: Local Ties. Continuum is an established national medical transcription company with local experience. Our clients represent the wide spectrum of health care providers in medicine today. We serve hospitals, teaching facilities, managed care networks, physician practices, outpatient clinics, radiology departments, and alternative health care delivery settings.

Experience Counts: Our highly-trained technical support team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that transcription service is never interrupted. Our transcriptionists test to 98% accuracy on grammar, punctuation and medical terminology. Our QA department specializes in medical transcription. Continuum prides itself on high employee retention and satisfaction, which is the backbone of our unsurpassed dependability as a company.

The Benefits of Modern Technology: Continuum offers clients the latest technological advances in medical transcription - with no capital investment by the health care facility. Our state-of-the-art software and hardware systems enable physicians to choose their method of dictation, and to print, edit and view reports on site - when they need them, where they need them. Secured information storage options allow for the easy retrieval of reports whose origins range from months to years old.

Breathe-Easy Confidentiality and Quality: At Continuum, our strict confidentiality and Quality Assurance policies make it a whole lot easier for health care institutions to breathe easier about the security and reliability of their medical reports. Nobody can deliver a more accurate report faster, at less cost, without compromising patient confidentiality.

Made-to-Fit Flexibility: As a turnkey or an overflow solution, we customize our services to fit your needs. If you select to outsource to Continuum, we analyze your system, project organizational impact, and outline your budget. After discussing our findings with you, we design a program that will provide the most benefit to your organization. Once your medical transcription information management program is seamlessly in place, our specialists will continue to monitor, adapt and expand the program as necessary.

The problems are familiar. Each year healthcare providers are forced to reduce fixed overhead. You struggle to maintain an updated facility and keep pace with the technological advances of modern information systems. At the same time, recruitment efforts are hindered by continually shrinking budgets, and it becomes tougher and tougher to find and keep qualified people. Guaranteeing around the clock, 7-day-a-week coverage becomes an impossible challenge. Faced with unexpected sick days, scheduled vacations, and a mounting backlog, billing is delayed by lagging output.

Many facilities are solving this chronic dilemma by outsourcing their transcription services to Continuum. Outsourcing to qualified specialists improves dictation outflow, dramatically reduces costs, and maintains current staff. We provide state-of-the-art equipment with no capital investment by the health care facility, and guaranteed 24/7 coverage. The benefits of improved dictation output are realized, while all the administrative headaches are handled by us.

By outsourcing to Continuum, you can enjoy outstanding professional transcription results while eliminating the unnecessary expenses involved with in-house transcription services, such as:

-Full-time Employment and Management salaries including taxes and benefits

-Facility expenses - turnover costs, space per employee

-Recruitment expenses - training costs, advertising costs

-Equipment expense - TAT delays, dictation/transcription machines and maintenance

-Interim outsourcing - during employee holidays or unexpected sick days

Cost analysis shows that facilities of all sizes realize substantial savings by outsourcing to Continuum. In an average cost comparison, facilities who produce 1,000,000 lines of dictation or 26,320 reports per year save approximately $171,316.31 or 22% in a three-year period by outsourcing to Continuum. Facilities who produce 2,000,000 lines or 52,650 reports per year save an average of $133,656.90 or 11% per three-year period. Facilities who produce 3,200,000 lines or 84,200 reports per year save an average of $192,000 or 10.15% per three-year period.

No matter what size your facility - Continuum offers you BIG savings.

Dictation Capture

Our state-of-the-art digital dictation capabilities provide physicians with a choice in their method of dictation. Health care institutions can easily monitor the status of dictated reports through our internet based secure tracking system.

Expert Transcription Management

Rely on us for the most innovative medical transcription systems, with full word processing and management reporting capabilities. Our team of transcriptionists and quality control specialists ensure efficient, accurate results with complete confidentiality to the customer.

Efficient Document Distribution

Continuum certifies that your documents will be in your hands when you need them, where you need them. Our powerful exporting system can upload data to a variety of host computer systems. On-site printing, editing and recall capabilities are available to health care facilities, and long-term storage and retrieval of reports are available through Continuum.


Confidentiality is our most revered priority at Continuum. All incoming and outgoing data is sent through encryption. Employees complete a Confidentiality Training program and sign a certified Affidavit binding them to uphold the laws of patient confidentiality under the provisions of HIPAA. This Affidavit is recognized under the American Disclosure Acts and enforced by the United States Legislature. Continuum guarantees that all of the information we process is completely secure and patient confidentiality is fully protected.

Flexible Solutions

We offer services to either supplement your staff, or completely take over the responsibility of transcribing your facility's medical records. Whether you rely on Continuum Services as an overflow or turnkey solution, our services are customized to fit the needs of the client.